We Survived Our Teens!

YES, WE ARE A NEW GROUP BUT GROWING EVERY DAY! Sharing specific suggestions that worked for us as we raised our teens. Join this group if you are a mother who raised difficult teens and who is willing to help other parents of teenagers OR if you are a Mom with a challenging teen. We will share with you what worked or didn't work with our teens.


13 year old and nothing seems to work

Hi, we have a 13 year old who will not turn in any work, school, home or class work. In fact he will carry it around in his backpack for weeks not turning it in, often times...


Needing advice and hope!

Hi my name is Debbie and I have four kids, 19, 16, 13, and ll. I am having troubles with my 16yr old almost 17. I want to help him get through these tough years...he is smoking...


Party at my house today

My 13 year old son is having a few of his friends. Girls/Boys over today. What should I do so I could be considereda cool mom.


High School Graduation

Sound off to Moms out there who survived high school... well, part of it, anyhow! Lol... My oldest son is graduating tomorrow and my husband and I have to tell you, there's a...