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This Vintage 40's, 50's and 60's Era Dress and Under Items Community is for those of you who find these era dress fashion styles interesting or exciting. They can add a new degree of romance with your husband, boyfriend, partner or significant other. This last weekend, I helped my step aunt place inventory items on her computer spreadsheet that was given to her by her close good friend Dora Jean who was a classy lady who owned a small ladies department store in Augusta from 1957 to 1976. She has kept all of the stores former original 50's era remaining inventory in her large basement over the years and all items are in perfect shape despite the decades. She said this weekend that she is willing to give a garment(s) free to an interested lady if she likes it and it fits. When I visited her, I sawy, she has literally hundreds of 50's era dresses, hats, gloves, skirts, black patent leather high-heel shoes, seamed service weight stockings, seamed support stockings, seamed sheer stockings, zipper girdles, zipper corselettes, crinolines, zipper slips, and many other items. Great to wear for ball room dancing, 50’s vintage parties, etc.). I really loved the 50’s and early 60’s when women dressed so romantic and fashionable. I look forward to hearing back from those of you who find thisCommunity topic interesting. Especially many of you who realize that today's manufactured vintage era new styles lack the fine seamstress sewing, intricate lace, and so many other features that made those vintage era garments so romantic, wicked, exciting and could hold another's attention..