I'm just wondering at what point pre-pregnancy is the point where it's not "baby" fat anymore and just "regular" fat?

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I'm just wondering at what point pre-pregnancy is the point where it's not "baby" fat anymore and just "regular" fat? Is it when your child turns 9 months, because of that saying "it takes 9 months to gain..."? The reason I ask is because my son is almost 8 months. I gained 50 plus lbs during pregnancy and went up to 183 ish. I am now down to 150 (and pretty much stuck there.) I'm trying to get down to my normal weight of 125. I admit I don't eat too healthy, but I never really did. In May, I started pushing my son in his stroller, and we go half a mile. On the way back to our house, it is pretty much all up hill, and it still kills me, even after all this time. 3 weeks ago, I started doing pilates. I did that 5 days, Mon.-Fri. Then 2 weeks ago, I added in taebo (for more cardio.) Now my schedule is Mon., Wed., Fri. :Taebo and Tues., Thurs. : Pilates. I also still walk pretty much Mon. - Sat. And in those 3 weeks, I haven't lost one pound. Or any inches. Right now my waist is 38" (but by night time, it is up to 39 or 40) and my thighs are 24". Since I started measuring my waist and thighs (at around 3 months) my thighs went down 1 inch and my waist 2 inches.

So I guess part two of this question is: Should I go to my doctor about my weight and the fact that my waist is 38"? Because a waist measuring over 35" is linked to heart disease. Even when I was 120-125, my waist was always about 34". Now, I think might have to do with me being constipated (sorry) and bloaty. But I'm not sure. Whatever I eat, my stomach bloats. I'm 25 years old and I am also still breastfeeding. My bmi is 24.2 (which is in the healthy range, but close to being unhealthy.) Sorry for this long question. It's just whenever I went to my doctors before, they would always tell me to eat more fruits and veggies. They never really listened. At one point, I was eating healthy, and that didn't stop the constipation or bloating. And I even took fiber pills, fiber powder and those fiber crackers and nothing worked. Thanks for any advice I receive.


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hi, i have 2 girls they are 3 and 2 they are almost 11months apart i gained 60 lbs with my first and only10 with my second i got up to 238 pounds yeah wow i couldnt believe it myself i have lost around 80lbs my bmi is 24.9 im 5'8 and i have a med to large build so far and honey i still call my fat baby i would say i could lose 5 to 10 more pounds to be skinny but im happy with myself its all stuck around my stomach i will tell you i have been trying to get those last stubborn 10 lbs off for about 2 months now and its killing me i dont think my body is wanting to give up the fat...lol

since you are 25 i am to by the way i just went to the doc which they say you should start doing at the age of 25 is having a physical done where they check your cholesterol blood work listen to your heart and everything they could check to see if there is something wrong with you that way i wouldnt worry about it to much

have you tried eating the fiber cereal for breakfast or the fiber one bars for a snack or eating more yogurt i have found that eating more of those things has helped me out ALOT!!!!

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