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Brandy - posted on 06/27/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hey moms! Ok, so my son is 5 months old and I am down 40 lbs since having him. I was doing so good and eating so well and I am still exercising but lately I have started snacking at night which I used to do all the time and it's becoming a habit again and now I've been at stand still for about 4 weeks now. I'm still 180 lbs and need to lose more but I need to get out of this habit. Any tips on how to control this?


Kelly - posted on 08/12/2010




I broke that habit after my youngest was born. I started having dinner at around 5:30/6pm then ate nothing after 7pm. If I was bored or starting to feel like the muchies I would have a large glass of water and that would fill me up. Then I went to bed early to prevent myself from snacking late lol
Good luck


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Star - posted on 01/17/2011




I would first recommend stop snacking at night... :-) Have you ever considered doing a cleanse?? A cleanse really helps with ridding your body of toxins which in turn allows your body to get fuller on less portions and not crave foods- especially at night! I'm a nutrition coach who also had weight issues after my 2nd son but was able to lose the baby weight and keep it off now for 2 years! check out my website about the program that i did. > Program Overview
In the meantime- try a protein drink when you have the urge to snack. Make sure there's no more than 4grams of sugar and try to stay at or less than 130 calories. I hope this helps!! Good luck

Stasia - posted on 12/27/2010




This might not be what you're looking for, but how about healthy snacking? A dollop of Hummus and raw veggies, 1/2 cup plain yogurt with hemp hearts on top, an apple with a slice of lower fat cheese etc. Snacking isn't always bad depending on the type of food you are snacking on.

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Whenever I want to snack I go for the fiber one bars. I like the chocolate or peanut butter....ok....I like them all. :) The downside is I lay one in a small dish beside the bed and I precut it into 4 pieces for the night. The upsides are that I don't go for the really bad stuff if I do eat at night and the fiber one bars will remind you that you shouldn't be eating them just by the simple fact that the fiber helps to keep your bowels regular. :) lol Not really sure if this helps in any way or gives you an idea but here is what I do when I have a craving at night. Oh and whatever I have left over I save in the small container for the next night.

good luck and god bless

Jessica - posted on 11/10/2010




You are not alone on this one. Everybody has their good days and bad days with snacking. What you should try to do is eat small meals throughout the day to keep you fuller longer. My motto is "Eat early and often" but it really does help. Also, sometimes what we think is hunger is actually thirst. When you feel the urge to snack try a tall glass of water. Making sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day can alleviatete this as well. As a rule don't keep anything in the house that you know is going to tempt you. Ask yourself if this is really hunger or just boredom. Sometimes we just need to keep our hands and our mouths busy at night especially if it is in front of the t.v. Try gum and a journal. Write down what you ate for the day to remind yourself you don't need a snack. If you absolutely must, my fav snack is popcorn bc I can eat the whole bag or a protein shake because it takes me time to finish it, it tastes like dessert and the right one can provide you with vlauable nutrients while repairing my sore muscles overnight=)

S - posted on 08/30/2010




I stopped doing it when I found an article online that said when your body goes into rest mode you do not burn calories so anything you eat will be stored as fat. I printed that out and posted it on my mirror, that promptly helped me kick nightime snacking. Meanwhile trying to include things with more fiber and that are more filling in your dinner so you won't get hungry.

Lady Heather - posted on 08/06/2010




I am terrible for this. TERRIBLE. I started making myself a big mug of non-caffeinated tea at night (I have this maple rooibos that is soooo good). I find it helps me relax and it takes a while to sip so I'm less likely to go looking for some other treat to eat.

Sarah - posted on 07/06/2010




I am bad for night snacking as well. Try having a large breakfast everyday this will help you to not crave carbs at night. Just try to snack smart. I love granola with yogurt as a night snack.

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