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Timna - posted on 03/04/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a nursing mom who had a baby back in July. I have been doing weight watcher since september and have just started to have problems with milk production. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestion, short of stopping weight watchers (which I would prefere not to do), to help in crease my milk supply. I have been trying to up my water intake. I would really like to keep nursing for the first year. My baby will not take bottles and does not like formal. Last week I was up a 1 pound because I was trying to eat more to make more milk. Any suggestions would really help. Thanks.


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I totally know how hard this dilemma is. I nursed all three of my children each for over a year and was nevernone of those women who lost weight easily while nursing. In fact, I actually quit weight watchers when I was nursing because I GAINED weight on the program! Our bodies will do weird things when we are nursing! That said there is help. You can take Fenugreek, which is an herb you can buy in capsule form at your local whole foods supermarket or at a nature store or even online on amazon. It boosts milk production and does not affect the baby in any way. I used it with my second child when I got sick and my milk supply decreased. It does work! This in addition to nursing more (or pumping more) will help build back your supply while dieting. Good luck to you and I commend you on your committment to nursing - you have years to diet but this critical time with your little one passes so quickly.

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Angel - posted on 09/11/2013




1thing that really will really help you is to drink at least 3-4glasses of cow's full fat milk. It really helped me increase my supply.

You can also add sesame seeds in your diet. Its very effective in increasing BM supply.

Keep expressing your BM evry hour, which will also help increasing ur supply sooner. The more you express/feed your baby, the more you'll produce.. Your body will finally know how much milk to produce in order to fulfill your baby's needs.

Hope it helps.

Good luck

Brittney - posted on 03/04/2012




You can try to nurse more often or try pumping. Milk is made by demand.

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