1/2 strength formula or water?

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My youngest angel is 9 months today. Most nights she still wakes 1-2 times at night for a feeding. I'm not a CIO kind of person, but would like to see if I can stop these night feedings. Sometimes I wonder if she is just thirsty. With all my older kids (I have 4 total), they really weren't into food much until they turned one, so that is when I cut back to only water at night if they needed it. My 9 month old on the other hand loves to eat food. She eats about the equivilent of 3 stage 2 jars (I use both jarred and homemade) a day, and 6 Tbs of infant cereal. She also eats quite a few cherios and a few chopped up veggies and fruits (like cooked carrots and watermelon). On top of that, she is still drinking 32+ oz of formula a day. She usually runs right between the 75-85% for her weight compared to her height, so I don't think it should hurt her any in that area. I just don't know if she is too young to start this. I've thought about starting with just 1/2 strength formula (only at night of course), but don't know if that would really do any good. What are some others' opinions?


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You absolutely should not give milk until she's a year old or you have spoken to her doctor!

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If she's eating baby food the way you say she is, there's no real reason to keep the formula. We weaned off formula by giving oatmeal with dinner and a half bottle (not half strength) of formula at bed until we switched to milk about 10 months. It should help keep her tummy filled longer so she'll sleep for you.

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Try it then and see if it works? Try giving her heavier foods right before bed - cereal, cherrios, whatever.


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Thanks ladies for your opinion. I won't cut out formula completely until she is 1. I think she still needs the nutrients from that since she isn't eating a huge variety of foods yet. The day after I posted this, she started waking every 2 hrs at night for a feeding. She did that for 2 nights, and then the next night slept straight through the night until 7:30am. Last night she slept until 5am. All this is what she does when she is going through one of her growth spurts. I guess I'll just have to wait a week or so and see what happenes. Maybe she'll stop on her own.

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Water. I did the water and he didn't lose any weight. Some nights I just let him cry actually because I was so sick of getting up.

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There are so many diferent opinions on when and what to feed kids especially these days. ANd most people are adamant in their own opinions. Im not a docotr but I have had 5 kids- and so far they are ALL perfectly healthy and doing great! Each one was diferent from thier brothers in regard to what and when to start feeding them anything.

In my experience once a baby has started eating solids and quite regularly then an addition of water of is great. Actually the more water they drink - including their formula or milk, the better. My first drank like a fish and started solids at 3 months old! Not because I wanted him to but because HE wanted to. I preferred not to starve my baby just because some doctor without kids wanted me to.

No one knows your child better than you do. You can take everyones advice to heart...by gleaning from it what best helps you... but in no way do you ever have to follow it 100%. Instead of watering down babies formula offer the water instead. Could be just like you think- just thirsty. Now, if after the water your baby still cries or requires a feeding then hungry.

I know that when my young ones were really hungry before bed time I offered them baby cereal... the dried kind mixed with their formula... after that... they settled down and were able to sleep through the night. One HUGE piece of realistic advice: A baby will NEVER ever EVER starve themselves nor will they ever ever over eat unless you force them. They will eat when they are hungry and will refuse to eat when they are not.

SO if baby acts hungry chances are baby is. Sometimes babies simply eat because they are about to go through a growth spurt. Eating and eating and you wonder if they will ever get full! Usually this also followed by periods of LOTS of sleepiness. SO if naps - or 'tired' tantrums are coming on too? Baby is gonna GROW.... lolol Bu yeah, id not cut out or water down her formula Id just offer water first and then cereal. See how she does...

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She's been eating like this for a couple months. If I did switch to water, or 1/2 strength formula at night, and she started waking more, then obviously, I would go right back. She has slept through the night about 5 times, so I know she can do it.

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How long has she been eating like this?

There's typically a growth spurt around 9 months. My son didn't grow much after his 6 month growth spurt, but around 9 months his legs just shot out! They're much longer and stronger now. I guess this is in preparation for walking.

Maybe she needs the extra formula?

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