1.5 yr old bites ONLY 1 child at Daycare...help!

Laura - posted on 06/25/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 1.5 yr old little girl is biting the smallest, youngest child in her classroom at daycare...everyday! She doesn't bite anyone else or at home, we bought a book teeth are not for biting and read to her everyday and she seems to like the book, she will even get it for us to read to her. The parents of the child have had enough. daycare is suggesting to move in to the 2's classroom for awhile to seperate them. Why is she biting this one child? And how do you stop something she you've never seen and she doesn't do at home? I am unsure of who that child is, but I know in infants she also picked on one child and I think it's the same one. Why is my girl acting like this? She is very independent and self entertains well.

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