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I admit your hubby is not being supportive of your lost job, but maybe he doesn't realize how you feel about getting laid off? When I stayed home full time, I felt like the housework was my responsibility, but I grew up in a household like that so I just followed that model. Taking care of one kid can be harder than having two, because they don't have a playmate. Making memories with your son is something you won't regret.
That said, maybe you could budget a little time each day to A) work on making calls or answering emails to try to bump up business and B) do a load of wash, load the dishwasher and declutter the house. I don't think you are lazy but I speak from experience that when my spouse came home to a tidy house, or his clothes were washed or dinner was made, he was more pleasant company. This is not a very feminist position but it did work for me. It is possible that your husband is stressed about your finances and taking it out on you by criticizing your homemaking skills.

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