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Im having alot of trouble getting my almost 1 year old son to sleep in his cot at night, he doesnt have issues during his day time naps but REFUSES to sleep in there at night, i rock him to sleep and then wait for him to be in a deep sleep, put him in his cot and not even 30 mins later he's wide awake and screaming and crying. I've tried moving his cot to various parts of the room, ive tried letting him self settle but that just results in copious amounts of vomit.

Also he seems to have a very bad temper, i tell him no and move him away from things such as power points, power cords and he chucks a tantrum and smacks my face or throws things at me.. and he's not even one until Jan 19th

Im at a complete loss here and have no idea what's left to try..Any ideas and suggestions would be most welcome!


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it's always hard to see our little ones so upset, but sometimes we just have to do what we have to do. When my son was about 6 months, I stopped breast feeding and therefore moved him from our room to his room in his crib. Well, this started an all out war. lol
I would rock him to sleep and place him in there and like you, 30 minutes later he would be up and screaming. Eventually I gave up the rocking to sleep, because what had happened was that he was dependent on me putting him to sleep.. so as he would wake himself up in the middle of the night tossing around or just rolling over, he would freak out and wonder where I was to comfort him and rock him back to sleep.
Best advice I got was to put him in his crib when he was still awake, but almost asleep.. that way he was able to be comforted by me (or whoever) but be able to fall asleep on his own.
It was tough the first few nights, but within a week he would fall asleep no problems within 5 minutes and would sleep through the night.

Good luck!!


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assess the light situation during the day and have a light on at night, and then gradually get the room dark. using one of those dimmer lights
and keep up with the "No's" when he is doing something dangerous and hitting you. hope our ideas help you

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have you had him evaluated by an occupational therapist. it sounds like a sensory disorder to me.

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He needs to sleep in a crib. Period. He can get over it. Don't move the crib but make a bedtime routine and let him put himself to sleep. It will take hours for him to do it but in the long run you will both feel better. When he screams and fits let him. Every 15 minutes go in there and sooth him. Try not to talk to him at all. He doesn't need that but he does need to know that you hear him and still love him. Cuddle and sooth for no more than 5 minutes, then put him back in his crib without a word and leave the room. Do that repeatedly until he falls asleep or stops screaming, crying, and throwing a fit.

good luck.

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I would evaluate all the stress around him that he could be acting on. Our daughter who is 2 now started having alot of tantrums at 10 months because of all the tension in our house due to layoffs. She still reacts really badly to any extra tension, some kids are more sensitive to their surroundings. If thats not it I guess I am not sure. The vomiting is pretty serious, but acting out is normal.

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Does he have a nightlight? Our guy freaks out if we don't put a nightlight on, he's 14mths.

Oh, and music. We played our ipod in there, really softly, (with normal music, not nursery rhymes) for about a month when he was having troubles settling and it seemed to help.

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