1 year old not walking and im nervous

Beth - posted on 01/02/2013 ( 6 moms have responded )




my son just turned one not that long ago and still wont walk unless i hold his hand the most he will do is stand by himself without holding for maybe a few seconds and then back on his butt im really nervous cause i know most babies walk before one and ive done everthing i know to try and get him to walk and nothing has worked so thats why im asking you guys for help is there any tips u may have or has anyone went thru the same?


Ev - posted on 01/02/2013




If this gives you any hope, I was 13.5 months old before I walked. My children were also the same age before they walked. For me, my mother thinks it was to do with the fact she had CP and that may have inhibited me somewhat in walking. My daughter on the other hand I think tried a time or two on her own when I did not see her and fell and got scared because she could make those walk behind toys go. My son was a larger baby and he took a bit longer because of that and because he was just a bit behind. Since your boy is just turned one, give him some time...he may take off before you know it.


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Dove - posted on 01/08/2013




Average age for first steps is actually 12-13 months. 'Normal' (in quotes cuz outside of this can still be normal) range to start walking is 9-18 months. Just relax. He'll walk when he's ready.

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Don't worry my son is 14 months & is not even close to walking he won't even stand alone at all without holding onto something its because my son had torticollis when he was born long story with that so it made him delayed he didn't pull himself up or sit up till he was 11-12 months so don't feel bad at all they'll walk when there ready i'm still trying 2 teach my son to walk my oldest started taking lil steps at 10 months fully was walking by 13 months so your son will get there

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My son was a late walker, too. 15 months before he could do it, and 17 months before he preferred walking over crawling! You don't need to worry or take him to the dr until he's 18 months old.

I think having a pushtoy really helped my son get confident. (he got it at 12 months old) When he started walking, he was just as steady on his feet as kids who had been walking for months already. That's normal for late walkers.

You don't need to teach him how to do it, so just relax and let him figure it out. People say things, but really, it doesn't matter what they think. :) I think it's good you haven't gotten him used to walking by holding both his hands, I've heard that babies who learned to walk that way are much more likely to injure themselves, as they don't quite know what their limits are. (like, when mom is holding both hands they can run down the stairs very successfully, but then when she's not there they run straight off the stairs and get hurt)

Lady Heather - posted on 01/02/2013




He's fine and doesn't actually need any help at all from your description. Just wait. My first didn't walk until 21 months and she is physically healthy. My second is 14 months now and still not walking, although I think she is getting close. Probably another month and she will be on her way. You have absolutely nothing to worry about with your son.

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