1 year old under weight what to do?? We feed her all the time but she just doesn't eat a lot.

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My 1 year old has always been small but at her 1 year check up she fell off the weight curve. The Dr. Said not to panic yet but I don't know what to do, I don't want to force her to eat or feed her empty calories and we always have things on hand to give her but I'm still concerned she is not putting on weight. Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated.


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I took my daughter about 2 months ago. My daughter has always been underweight since she was born but this time it was worse. This appointment was in March, well according to her chart she hadnt gained any weight since October!!! Shes now in the -50%. But noone tells me anything. I dont know what to feed her. She is now one and I still feed her formula until her doctor visit but she seems to still not gain weight.

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Avocado, whole milk yogurt, etc... are good, nutritious, high calorie foods. If the doctor says not to worry, then don't. Just keep an eye on her.

As a side note: I was 13 pounds at 13 months. I did have growth issues and I've always been small, but still quite healthy. ;)

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As long as your doctor says it's fine then don't worry. My son is in below the 50 percentile for weight, he looks fine though. A lot of times babies/toddlers drop in weight at that age because they're always on the move. It's natural.

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if doc said not to worry i would try not to worry... easier said then done i know, my daughter has never really even made it onto the weight curve, she was born at 38-39 weeks and was only 5 pd 11oz, today she is 5 1/2 and weights only 34pd, as long as she is eating and happy and not losing weight she should be fine.


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The doctor is right. Don't panic. If her weight and height are in proportion, she is fine. My son was the same way. He didn't eat a lot because he was small-his tummy was small. The doctor actually kept him on formula til he was 18 months. He finally hit a growth spurt the summer between 3y and 4y. He went from 24 month clothes to 3T/4T. He is now chunky! He still doesn't eat a lot. Talk about confusing. He went from tiny and off the growth chart to huge and tipping the growth chart! Make sure her diet is healthy and let her eat til she is full. Good luck!

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Well, how much did she weigh? My daughter is 18mo and in the 3rd percentile. She's still RF because she doesn't weigh enough.

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Don't be worried by it, I was underweight until i was 15 and i turned out fine! I grazed at food all the time didn't have any medical conditions and the doctor told my mum that i would catch up later in life...i gained a lot of weight in puberty lost it at 19 and gained more at pregnancy but i couldn't be healthier.

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