1 year old will not let anyone pick her up except me

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Hey all

my 13 month baby girl used to be a social butterfly

now - she will not go to anybody ... she just shakes her head, throws her head back and signals for me to pick her up ...

she has started waking early morning, so obviously tired, but wants me to pick her up ... when i put her down she cant resettle if i leave the room ... never used to be this way

she simply will not go to anybody - nobody can hold her

she will sit and play with others if i am there, sometimes i slip away, but when i come back, even if it has only been 10 mins ... she is so angry adn wants me to pick her up and she clings on for dear life!

is this normal - what can i do?


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Normal. Babies at this age start to realise they are not just an extension of you and that you can go away without them. So they will try to stay with you by becoming clingy and not going to anyone else. Don't let this stop you from leaving her for short times, but let her know that you are going away for a little while but you will be coming back. When you come back, give the biggest hugs and say to her "see, I told you I would come back". She will get past this stage.

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