10 1/2 yr old daughter and hormones..

Mommabird - posted on 01/04/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Our daughter has always been a little dramatic but since she turned 10 she has been having emotional meltdowns, arguing alot and smarting off to me. She never acts this way towards her dad, she says its because she knows he will spank her and I dont.( I dont like spanking unless its a last resort when nothing else works). She doesnt have many friends at school or elsewhere and she likes to be in the middle of adults when theyre around.She also has secret crushes on a few boysand knows she is too young to have boyfriends. She had a meltdown just yesterday that resulted in her crying and hitting her head and feet on her bed, then demanded something for her headache. She lied to my face about something and I gave her opportunity to tell me the truth which she didnt, When I asked her why did she lie, she said "sometimes I lie because I dont think people love me." This made no sense to me and she wasnt able to explain it further. This is my first daughter so this is all new to me. my two older children are boys. Is this all normal for her age? Any tips on how to deal with it?

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