10 month baby not hitting milestones...?

Emily - posted on 08/10/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi mummies. My daughter is just over 10 months now; she sits without support and is a bright bubbly baby. But she is not crawling and she can only stand for a few seconds against a sofa before tumbling down. I've been reading up on milestones on Bounty and I feel what they're saying is so ambitious! Is anyone else in my boat or do I need to get my DD checked out by a specialist do you think? She says two words like Mama or Baba and she loves to sing aloud and experiment with her voice ... all in all she's a very happy baby. But one of my Aunts questioned me why she isn't walking now and that "they all walk at this age" ... a part of me just died after talking to her. ;'(

Please help. I'm losing my mind ...do I need to get DD checked out by a specialist? She loves to tumble onto her tummy and roll all over ...she's a strong kicker too and expresses her opinion with her voice/expressions very well .... but Bounty says she should be "cruising along furniture" by now or crawling actively. I'm going nuts here.


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That is RIDICULOUS that she said babies walk at 10 months!!Maybe some do,but I think that MOST do NOT.Some babies hate crawling and skip it all together...Especially if they are fat babies..My oldest was a fat baby and did not crawl until around 10 months,he did not walk until 17 months.
If she is playing games like peek-a-boo and waving "bye-bye",I would not worry about it.
I assume since you said "mummies" you are not in the US.Here we have something called early intervention and they will screen your child for free, if you are really worried then you should be able to call your local children's hospital and ask if there is anything like that(and I think most countries do)
But I bet in another month or so she will be crawling if not cruising.

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Milestones are only approximates. It varies depending on the child. Some babies don't walk until they are 18 months!!! And that is ok. Your aunt is acting like an ass. Your daughter sounds like she is perfectly fine.


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Hey Emily my little one is 10 1/2 and she is doing the same as yours and yes I hear that from people all the time. pay them no mine have faith and do your part. I am getting PT done once a week and doing a lot of exercise with her. I ought infant walking shoes that assists her with standing try them.

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Sounds like she's ahead in talking, especially if she's singing already. My son (he was very pudgy, I think that makes a difference) started crawling at 9 months, and then didn't take his first steps until 15 months and finally started walking at 17 months. And he's perfectly normal! He was focusing on fine-motor skills, he could do puzzles and stack blocks like someone many months older than himself. Kids develop along different schedules.

Probably you shouldn't be listening to your aunt about baby milestones, she probably has opinions about everything whether she knows anything about it or not!

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It sounds like she is focusing on verbal skills. My daughter did that as well, she was at the hand holding stage for walking for 5 months. But during that time her speech blossomed.

Most children don't walk until 12 months, but as others have said it can take until 18 months.

Amy - posted on 08/10/2012




My daughter didn't roll over till she was a year old and that was so she could fall asleep on her tummy. She didn't crawl in the traditional since till she was 14 months old and the next day let go of the couch and started walking. There are all sorts of normal and if you're really concerned talk to your doctor but she sounds like she's fine. My daughter is now 2 1/2 and is far more coordinated than her 6 year old brother.

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