10 month old baby does not like sleeping!

Meadows - posted on 09/01/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was wondering if anyone has any advice i have a 10 month old boy who is very active during the day he likes to crawl alot and is a very happy boy. the problem is he has two naps a day and he goes to bed at 8pm putting him to bed is a big struggle as he is active in bed! he will never relax even though he looks tired and he seems to fight sleeping. he waves his arms everywhere and will move around alot gets on his tummy in a position where he is about to get up and sometimes does this with his eyes closed.I could be in his bedroom trying to get him to sleep for about 45 minutes. he also wakes up in the night about twice. I see if he is hungry and try give a bottle he could take this and once i lay him back to bed he is then fully awake and in a playful mood and it is then again a struggle to get him to sleep. he eats very well during the day and is gaining weight. we have even tried the cry it out method but he will just cry for maybe 25 mins to a hour and it is not getting less. we tried it for 10 days. it feels like he does not like sleeping and he has been like this for about 5 months! i thought as he is getting alot older now that maybe he will start sleeping better. i have even tried leaving him in the room but i think this makes him anxious and it is not helping. before 5 months ago he use to sleep in a vibrating bouncer which is the only thing i know that made him sleep ( he still woke up in the middle of the night but it was not difficult like how it is now.)does anyone have any advice?


Mia - posted on 09/01/2014




Hi Meadows, have you tried anything like bath night products? In my case it helped a lot. I used Penaten night time bath and it calmed my daughter down enough to help her fall asleep. I then also found HiPP night time bottle and cereal and this just did it. Harper is very active during the day , she is climbing, walking, running etc just a happy baby and I used to have trouble putting her down but not anymore. Amazing difference. I have my other local moms on this as well and their babies love it too. Worth considering.

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