10 month old waking 3 times a night! any tips PLEASE!

Andrea - posted on 10/23/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 10 month old son use to sleep thru the night from 3mos.to 6mos. He began teething and I thought that may be it. as of right now he is not teething, He wakes up about 5:30am has a bottle falls bk 2 sleep til about 7:30, I feed him breakfast oatmeal/rice cereal w/a partial mashed up banana & mixed w/3 or 4oz. of formula, plays and walks in his walker for a bit, then goes down for a nap about 10 or 10:30 for about an hour. I then give him a snack and while im cleaning he follows me around the house running "literally" in his walker or crawling around. then around 1:30 he'll nap for 20 to 30 mins I give him lunch maybe a yogurt and some toast. At 2:45 we go for a walk,I take him in his stroller b/c at 3pm we have to pick up his cousin , she's 8 we get her off the school bus and she finishes our walk with us. when he takes his 20 min nap I forgot to mention he has a 6oz bottle of formula. After our walk Im exhausted and lay down with him and give him another 6oz boittle of formula he usually sleeps about 2 hours give or take 30 minutes. He wakes up and crawls around and uses his walker after another snack. use to give him dinner around 6 ,but lately have been waiting til 7:30 hoping he will sleep the night through, well for dinner he has 10oz of the Gerber 'Lil bits meals which he loves and then I give him some waffle wheels as a little snack. He then plays and crawls around with his brother,dad,Little cousin . then all tuckered out around 9 or 9:30 I put him to bed w/a 6oz formula bottle which he falls asleep to. He then wakes up about 12:30 hes in a crib in our room and he stands up and screams and cries these heartbreaking cries. I have to pick him up!I've tried rocking him, walking around and singing to him, laying him bk down while he cries talking to him and rubbing his back, but he is relentless, he wont stop crying he sounds like he is so sad! So I cave in w/ the bottle and He falls right back to sleep. lately he wants to sleep in bed with me and there is just no room, after he falls asleep also w/ a bottle I will lay him back down in his crib and he is back up crying at 3 or 3:30. I do the same as before and the only way to get him down is with a bottle right next to mama! and next if he is up at 3 he will go til 6:30. what should I do should I give him "tough" love and let him cry him self to sleep cause I just don't think I have it in me. and poor daddy has to be up for work by 7 please help me out with some advice it has been 12 years since I have done this and I don't remember my 12 year old waking so much.


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Dove - posted on 10/24/2015




Every child is different. My twins slept a 12 hour night at 6 months... for a month. Then they were up once or twice a night til 14 months when they started sleeping through on their own again.

My son only slept through the night a handful of random times until he was 2 years old. Otherwise he nursed 1-5 times/night, every night.

If he falls back to sleep w/ the bottle, but freaks out w/ anything else... he's hungry. Feed him and get everyone sleep.

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1) Each child is different
2) Most babies have a spotty sleep schedule for the first year, or more.
3) If it's a recent increase in waking, he's probably in a growth spurt. The fact that he calms with a bottle indicates that he's hungry and needs the nutrition.
4) He doesn't necessarily need to be in your room with you at 10 months. You can move him to his room, with a baby monitor, and not disturb your husband.

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