10 month old with a broken tibia?

Nicki - posted on 08/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I took my 10 month old to a park last night and I decided to take her down the spiral tube slide. She was on my lap and while going down she decided to straighten out her leg to the side. Her leg hit the side of the slide jarring us for a few seconds. I had to move her leg to get us all the way down the slide. She was screaming. When I couldn't calm her down I was terrified so I called her pediatrics office. They had me take her right in. I was questioned over and over and over about how the leg got hurt. I bawled when the doctor told me it could be broken. They sent me over to the ER to get x-rays done. There yet again more questioning. Alaina did great she let us do the x-rays with no fight. And stayed pretty calm for a baby with a broken leg. They sent us home, then this morning I got a call from the pediatrics office they said that they did believe Alaina's leg was indeed broken, and sent me back to the ER to get a splint put on. We sat for hours there person after person after person coming in to have me explain how she hurt it. I know they were just doing their jobs, and I know the explanation might seem out there but that's what happened. She gets her cast on Monday. They said it's a very subtle break and it shouldn't take long to heal, but how long do you think she'll have to wear the cast? Also if your kid has ever broken a bone in a weird way how did it happen? And were you treated like I was?


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Something similar happened to me and my son. Actually freakishly similar. Same situation, on a slide but he was about 2 1/2. He was on my lap on a twist slide, and his foot caught the side and the rubber on his shoe connecting with the slide made his leg get stuck and kept twisting back but we just kept going down the slide. It was so fast, I could not fix it. It really hurt and twisted his knee. No break, but he still occasionally has issues with it.

I have no idea now long the cast will stay on. That is a question for the doctors to answer. It is good that they are asking how it happened. Sometimes when a new person, nurse, x ray tech, or doctor comes into the room, they don't know what happened, and it is their job to ask. Also, concern about the patient breaking a bone always makes people ask how or why.

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