10 month old won't eat, i need ideas on how to get him to eat

Margaret - posted on 08/05/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




is so fustrated, Rori just won't eat, he'll open his mouth but just won't swallow, out of fustration i pinned the little boy down and made him cry so he would swallow, that brought the neighbour around, 3 hours later i still had 3/4 of a plate full, a neighbour looking at me as if i am the worst parent on the planet and a son who had his mouth full looking at me with the ' it ain't going to happen look' any ideas anyone how to feed a 10 month old. he's losing weight by the ton and very soon it will just be his head and rib cage left



Jodi - posted on 08/06/2011




Sorry, could you please clarify? You "pinned" your baby down and forced him to cry so that he would eat?

Physically force feeding your child is NOT going to solve the problem. What do you consider a "full plate" for a 10 month old? At 10 months, their MAIN source of nutrition is their formula or breastmilk anyway. It is not uncommon for babies to be disinterested in solid foods until after 12 months old. Food is simply, at this age, an experiment for baby in taste and texture.

If he is losing weight, then you need to see your doctor. But if he is still gaining, just follow HIS cues and don't force him.

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First, umm you pinned your baby down and fucking force fed him?!?! Don't EVER do that again.
Secondly, babies before one year old don't NEED solid food. They still get almost all of their nutrients from breast milk or formula. Many babies aren't interested in solid food just yet. My daughter was over 1 before she really ate solid food. She skipped the whole baby food stage and just went right into "adult" food.
Thirdly, if you are concerned about his weight gain/loss take him to your doctor. The Dr will be able to tell you if something is actually wrong.

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I don't know how to make him eat, but force feeding him is a great way to get him to NOT eat.

Have you spoken to the doctor about this? Can't you just give him more formula (I'm assuming he's formula fed, if not, breastmilk) so he doesn't lose weight.

My son was breastfed on demand and wasn't eating on a daily basis til around a year.

Good luck!


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Jane - posted on 08/06/2011




just chill at meal time, he can sense you are frustated, my son went thru the same thing, i was anxious. we started him on different things, we asked the health visitor for tips. she said he wont die, all you have to do is make different things, small portions, like weetabix in warm millk and sugar, tomato soup with bread, boiled egg and soldiers, let him play with the soldiers, show him to dip it in, ven if he makes a mess, who cares. the health visitor said if he just has a couple mouth fulls its sufficient. dont worry give him hugs and fluids xxx

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if he won't eat, dont' worry. some babies just aren't ready yet. if you are concerned about his weight, talk to his pediatrician. but honestly all he needs right now is formula or breastmilk. anything else is just practice.

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I think every child goes through the "I won't eat" phase and the worst thing you ever could have done was pinned him down and try to force him to eat. Your child will not starve, he will eat if he becomes hungry enough. Offer him small amount of foods at a time and do not pressure him to eat. If the problem persists, then contact your pediatrician.

Amanda - posted on 08/05/2011




We are having the same struggles with our 10 month old. We have been referred to a pediatrician, however, we had similar struggles with our 1st child, who is now 9 years old. Eventually, when he was ready, he began to eat. He skipped the baby food stage, I think due to textures, and went right to table foods. TAlk to your doctor, but maybe your baby just isn't ready yet!

Jennifer - posted on 08/05/2011




I would definately stop trying to force feed. It will only get you the opposite reaction you want. Like Teresa said, he should still be on formula or breast milk. Almost all babies go through phases of wanting to eat, and not wanting to eat. One day they like purees, the next they want table food. Some days they want nothing but formula/breastmilk. If he is losing weight though, a trip to the pediatrician is needed.

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