10 months old sleeping?

Ilaria - posted on 07/11/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 10 months old still taking three naps a day, is that ok? How is your kid napping schedule? She is a eater, she eats everything, she doesn't drink a lot of milk but never did since born I'm lucky if she can take 14-20 oz of formula a day. She is teething, start one month ago and she already have 6 teeth so at night she will wining and be uncomfortable at least 2-3 times but she doesn't wake up, she just stay there wining for a minute or two and than go back to sleep. Her schedule is like: 8-8.30 am wake up, breakfast with 6oz bottle and 2 oz cereal (oatmeal), 10.30 nap at least 30 minutes sometimes an hour, 12-12.30 lunch whatever we eat (pasta, meat or fish with veggies, fruit and cheese) 1.30 pm nap (same time her big sister goes down for a nap) usually until 3 pm, 4pm snack with 4-6 oz bottle and a yogurt or some cereal (puffs), 5 pm 30 minutes maybe 45 of napping, 7 pm dinner (same as lunch, she eat what we eat) by 9 pm in bed....than she will wining at 12am-2am and 5 am . I think she takes three naps because she can't sleep well at night but I know that usually at 10months they take two naps. I try to keep her up until 2-2.30 pm but I will have the same result, she will be up by 3 and than back down by 5.

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