10 week old baby never sleeps during day and night

Pheny - posted on 02/20/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a first time mom and past two weeks making my son go to sleep has been a nightmare.firstly he wants to be hand held all the time with wiggles.he is Awake throughout the day and most of the times at night.i sing to him which only calms him down but doesn't make him go to sleep.even during night he nods off for three hours and that too not at a stretch .he takes around 60 ml of expressed milk for about 15 times a day.i tried giving him more but he is not able to take more as I had breastfeeding issues.its making me worry that he gets only 6 hours of sleep in a day.we do co sleep right from the day he was born.i am stuck to my bed all the time holding him in my arms as he starts crying if i put him down.even after held he is wide awake.my present situation is day or night i am holding him in my hands all the time after being held also he doesn't sleep .this has started to worry me and my baby's health as well .please advise.


Pushingagainstheflow - posted on 02/20/2014




Phew! I feel for you. I had a similar situation with my son, who is now eight but that was due to breathing complications due to a cleft palette and I also expressed milk. I carried him around so much that I had to crawl out of bed in the mornings as my feet were so sore but it passed. It does get better. Have you tried lying on your back and having your baby sleep on your chest, if you can doze off to that would help you? Dads are great at getting babies to fall asleep on their chests so perhaps get hubby to try? This worked for my child for eight months. Just make sure that he can't roll off and be hurt. Perhaps have his breathing checked too. A pacifier may help as that helped my child to sleep through. You will get through this so don't despair.

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