10 year loving relationship going worse

Skaldsircha - posted on 08/18/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




We've had this beautiful loving relationship for 10 years now, he's told me he doesn't care about kids, only cares about me, sure we'll have a kid or two. But this past summer, it's all turned rather sour. I can't be in the same room with him anymore. :( He can't be in the room with me without questioning and judging whatever it is I'm doing and calling me a string of names. I'm quite certain I don't do that to him. This morning's conversation:
Why the fuck are you cooking the bacon one piece at a time? Your such a fuck-tarded idiot moron.
Me: That's your bacon and the last raw piece I'm cooking for your breakfast. If you want I'll dump your plate of bacon back into the pan and burn it all for you.
That's fine, just bring it out to the garage and don't fuck things up you stupid idiot.
Brought him his BLT... Wait, why is there tomato, hey fucky, why isn't any cheese or mayo on this?
Because yesterday you yelled at me and told me that putting mayo on your sandwich made it taste really bad after the mayo got hot, and you told me you hated cheese.
Your such an idiot, put mayo and cheese on this and bring it back.

End Coversation.

I am struggling at this moment not to cry, I don't know what or why it's gone this bad. I feel determined that he won't see me shed one single tear over his words, or see the emotional pain he is inflicting. He's been treating me like this for weeks, especially right after sex he says far worse to me in the first 2 hours after sex.


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Michelle - posted on 08/18/2014




This is a dangerous situation! Is there any time you can talk to one another and it isn't volatile? If not you need to remove yourself to a safe environment. Counseling is paramount. If he will not comply...

Gena - posted on 08/18/2014




Can you get counseling? Because the way you two talk with eatchother is just bad! I mean really bad! I wouldnt try for a baby tbh thats my personal point of view..first get the relationship back to normal. And if it doesnt change you might want to consider leaving him.

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