10 year old arrested after fighting wit sister...

Erinn - posted on 06/14/2009 ( 15 moms have responded )




10-Year-Old Arrested for Fighting With Sister

Siblings are so much fun—especially when they get along. But even if they do "play nice," there's bound to be the occasional spat here and there. Sometimes those fights can get physical with a slap, a pinch ... some wrestling around on the ground. How do you discipline your children when they fight?

Would you call the police?

According to ParentDish, that's what happened to Reagan Greene. The 10-year-old Texan was arrested and charged with assault after she and her 13-year-old sister Desiree got into an altercation on the playground.

A witness to the fight called police, who later showed up at the Greene's home after the girls had already made up. The police determined it was a case of family violence and that Desiree had gotten the worst of it so Reagan was taken into custody.

The girls' mom, Rhonda Greene, says she's concerned that the arrest may have scarred her 10-year-old.

What do you think? Is arrest and a criminal charge the appropriate response to a physical spat between siblings? Is there an age at which such a response might be appropriate?

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Casie - posted on 09/02/2014




I have a 10 year old that is so violent that he pushes his little brother down and beats him up. He's threatened to kill each and everyone of us. If you think we haven't exhausted almost all resources, your sadly mistaken
Thus isn't my child that was arrested but until you live in the home, don't judge.
My son is adopted and has so much rage that the hospitals discharge him. Now they turn us away.

Mel - posted on 06/15/2009




its really stupid. that means all the siblings in the world should be arrested. i pushed my brother into a heater as a kid he had burns on his body and had to get them treated that night. nothing else comes to mind atm but im sure we did many things to each other worse then this supposed physical fight between those girls! all kids do! oh yeah and we used to smack each other hard in the head with our tennis rackets especially when we got angry with each other lol

Rhionna - posted on 06/15/2009




OMG that's bad, all kids fight at some point, it's down to the family to deal with it! Fair enough have the police come round and talk to the kids and explain that other people were concerned about what was happening but to have one arrested is going to far!
My brother and I were always fighting, we ended up learning tae kwon do and fighting there to settle our differences, we obided by the rules there but were able to let out our frustrations on each other as well as being disciplined in a positive way- he is now training to be a stuntman, and is a 3rd dan!

Becky - posted on 06/15/2009




Just wow. That's insane. [rolls eyes] The only time an arrest would be appropriate for a fight between siblings is if one were using a weapon violently against the other, or literally violently beating a defenseless sibling. That would be actual physical abuse. Sisters or brothers hitting each other, fighting, name-calling, hair-pulling, kicking, and generally rambunctiously arguing is a perfectly normal thing that needs only to be disciplined by the parents. I'm sure these girls' parents didn't condone their physically fighting with each other, and I'm sure that they, as the parents, knew the appropriate punishment without the involvement of nosy on-lookers or police officers.

Traci - posted on 06/14/2009




I think that's ridiculous...I can't imagine a cop doing that. There is probably more to that story. My husband is a cop and he'll tell me about something that happened at work. Well, I'll read about it in the paper the next day or so and they tell a very different story. Sometimes half, sometimes completely wrong. Media rarely gets it right, I know from firsthand experience. I'm sure there is more to that story that isn't being reported. Cops don't enjoy arresting little girls.

Amie - posted on 06/14/2009




I can't believe this. My oldest brother and I would both have been arrested more than a couple of times if the police did that in my hometown. Good grief.. do they have nothing better to do?
I remember getting a split lip from my brother, being thrown into a wall, being thrown across a room, getting beaned over the head by numerous objects, etc... You get the point. lol. We love each other, we are siblings. We are very strong willed people though. Our parents never really interfered even. (Ok with the split lip one we both got yelled at but whatever). We both also knew though that we may be able to beat the crap out of each other but when anyone outside the family even tried it we were right there to stand beside each other.

Ardeliah - posted on 06/14/2009




I think it is ridiculous. If they wanted to get authorities involved, why not call social services for the kids to get counseling if needed. I fought with my brother with fists until we were teenagers. The thought of arresting a child over a spat with their sibling is ludicrous.

Kat - posted on 06/14/2009




Arresting a child for fighting with her sister. Come on! That is ridiculous. I would even be reluctant to even put an age limit on it. Some brothers & sister will fight for a long long time. I've seen adult brothers in a spat. They love each other to bits, but their personalities are similar & are both very passionate strong willed people. Dare the police get involved you'd see two brothers band together & take them all on. So it's a fine line. Violence isn't the answer to anything I totally agree. A fight is two equal parties having a go. Violence & abuse is one strong & one weak person; it's one person feeling afraid, violated & hurt - this is NEVER acceptable under any circumstances. Sibling Children fighting is not worth tax payers money on getting police involved....

Sabrina - posted on 06/14/2009




I think that was a little too excessive of a punishment. Siblings fight and even if it were my kid and a friend at that age I wouldnt include the cops. I agree with Dawn why didnt the witness just break it up. Or if she was a fraid to get involved then go to their parents. If I saw two kids fighting on the playground I would just break it up and find the parent in charge. But if thye were older like maybe 15 and up and it was pretty bad then I might call the cops. Or if there were weapons even for a small child. When weapons are there then it is time for some good discipline.

Emliy - posted on 06/14/2009




I think that it is ridiculous that she was arrested. Sibling rivalry is bound to happen. Maybe a stern talkin-to could have done the tricj but I think that arresting her was over-kill!

Dawn - posted on 06/14/2009




o wow, if this was the case between my sister and i then we would both have been arrested!! my sister used to beat me up too. not a lot cause we were pretty close most of the time. but we had some pretty good fights. she always won of course because she was older and bigger. but it was never a case for the police!!! kids will fight, it's human nature. i would be concerned if they didn't!! ( not really) but i think that was going too far!! what was wrong with that witness simply walking over to them and trying to stop it. i mean did they have weapons??? apparently not. that was a little too much taking a 10 year old to jail!!!

[deleted account]

That seems a bit of a case of overkill on the part of the police - dont they have anything better to do?!

I daresay the witness who called them in the first place thought it could be a lot more serious than it was, but the police - having established the facts of the case really seemed to overreact when they arrested the poor girl.

Siblings squabble frequently, I have 3 daughters, 22, 19 and 14 and they used to have some massive rows - though I did have one rule which was that there would be no physical fighting.

Joanna - posted on 06/14/2009




i think this is political correctness gone a bit to far, siblings do fight at times and make it up very quickly.

it would be a different thing though if they were not siblings, what would you do if your child had been hurt by a friend?

everyone has to learn that violence solves nothing!

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