10 year old daughter shutting me out

DEDE - posted on 02/06/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 10 years old. Every time I try to talk to her, she turns her back to me and goes to her room. What do I do?


Holly - posted on 02/07/2013




I would take her to a psychologist, not that anything is WRONG with her, she could just be adjusting to new classmates, perhaps some one is teasing her at school. MAYBE she feels she is too much of a mommy's girl. MAYBE she is going through hormonal changes, and is begining to start her monthly cycle. Visiting a counselor or a psychologist who has special techniques they use to help children open up. My daughters are visiting a counselor for OCD and ADD and she tells me that they are learining problem solving skills and learning to be open and honest with me. Not that they've had problems in the past with being open and honest, but she is helping them with technique to help share these feelings, and how to process and deal with these feelings


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DEDE - posted on 02/07/2013




Thank you Liz h, nothing really change , she is the one who's acting weird , she complain that her 2 brother annoying her . Am trying to be close to her , do staff together like shopping ...etc , but still she 's always upset and not happy.

Liz - posted on 02/07/2013




Has there been some confrontation between the two of you? Has something happened that made her angry with you? Some change in your lives or in her life? What was your relationship like before this?

Do you follow up on it if she blanks you like that? My daughter's only three, but there are consequences if she ignores me when I'm talking to her. It's not acceptable behavior for your ten year old to do this; it's rude and a clear signal that she feels that you don't have authority over her. You need to address this, but it's hard to give advice on how to go about that without knowing why your daughter is mad at you.

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