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Marcus - posted on 03/13/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I would firstly like to know if its ok for a dad to be on here in a 'moms group'?

Im having a moral dilemma. Being separated for 10 weeks at a time from my little girl, its very hard for me to grasp the fact that i have no control over my daughters life throughout this time. I have her every school holidays. 10 weeks in between is way too long to not spend time but we are in another state.

I'm very aware of our online world that exists today and the implications that it can have if children are not supervised at a young age whilst on the internet. There are so many crazy images and posts etc out there its scary. So... my first question is - what are you other moms advising your girls re. internet use? Do you have a 'safe' filter on or take other measurements to try and have a little control over their online world?

Secondly, my father is sick and in hospital in another state. I am visiting him at the moment and asked my daughter to FaceTime us today. she did. she then said she would send a video to him. I looked at it and she is miming a song and dancing, pretty harmless but at some stage she is dressed in a sports bra and dancing like a 30 yr old women suggestivly (obviously she is not aware of how this may look to other people and to her this is totally harmless) much like the dancing by older girls in barely any clothing in a lot of the music videos that are popular.
I want to ask her if she has sent this to anyone else - i want to explain to her that she needs to make sure she isn't sending this to boys as they might take it the wrong way - but at her age i don't think she will get it and i don't want to make this a negative thing - I'm worried that she might not reach out to me if i keep telling her about her actions and possible consequences. i know thats my job though. how would i explain to her about the dangers of a young girl online?

Unfortunately her mum is no help - as I've tried to explain to her mum my worries about online use but its no use. so lets not bring her mum into this conversation.


Natasha - posted on 03/13/2014




ill say myself that I don't think there should be a problem with you being on here there are good single dads out there at least your not like my daughters biological father not being around for 6 yrs so if you need anything plz don't hesitate to ask

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