10 year old hurting herself

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So I really don't know how to start this....but this morning my daughter was mad at me for not letting her stay home from summer camp so she could play with her friend. She of course was crying loudly over something I thought was silly and of course went to summer camp. I picked her up from summer camp after work and they asked me if we had a cat because my daughter, who is 10, told them our cat scratched her and it was itching. I looked at her arm and it was not cat scratches, I noticed right away what pattern they were in. She had used a fork to cut her arm all because she was mad at me. I asked her if that resolved anything, and her answer was no but I felt better after I did it. What should I do? She has an appointment the 6th to see a doctor for behavioral health. Do I punish her for this behavior? I'm scared.


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Oh my. I would not punish for this behaviour. She is obviously having some sad thoughts. She needs comfort and a shoulder to lean on. She needs you to listen and try your best to understand. Even if you cannot understand, it is important that you listen to her and let her know how much she means to you and that you are worried and love her to pieces.

Punishing her is only going to make her feel worse. She is having difficulty with expressing how she feels, so she is taking it inward and harming herself. Poor thing. :(

It seems to me she is having a hard time with letting her feelings out in a positive way. Please don't punish her, she is still a little girl. She certainly needs some help but she mostly needs you!

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I wouldn't punish her, I would keep a close eye on her until the appointment and see if you can get her in sooner.


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Don't punish her because she'll do it again. It is also not something IMO that she's done that is "wrong" per se. Not that I'm saying it's right at all, but it's a coping mechanism that some kids (girls mostly) will do to cope with situations they can't emotionally handle. Get her into help, counseling, group therapy, psychologist, etc. She needs to learn some other ways to cope with her emotions. Good luck to the both of you.

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