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Jennifer - posted on 08/25/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My foster child HATES HATES HATES reading... he won't even read comic books, directions to a video game, or anything. From what I've been able to tell, he's not dyslexic... what can I do to get him to enjoy reading?


Jodi - posted on 08/25/2014




I would say that all of his past experiences with reading have been negative. He feels he can't do it, so he chooses not to do it. Now, at the age of 10, the habit of avoidance is so ingrained that he knows no different. How long has he been with you? What is his reading level - has it been assessed? Just remember that just because he isn't dyslexic doesn't mean he can't read. Maybe he just can't? I have a Year 7 student (13 year old) who can only read at Pre-K level and avoids reading altogether. It is a behaviour he has established over years, undoing it is problematic.

I would suggest turning reading into a positive experience. Set up a reward program of some sort, turn reading activities into something fun. Stop reading FOR him, but wit and read WITH him. Talk to his teachers about what you can do to support him and find ways to work with him that will be positive. If reading is a chore, he will continue to avoid it.

Michelle - posted on 08/25/2014




Have you had his eyes tested? My oldest son couldn't focus properly and he he hated reading until we got him glasses and now he won't put books down. He may not know something is wrong because it's how he's used to seeing so get him tested instead of just asking him.


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Jennifer - posted on 08/25/2014




He has great vision far away... I don't know, we'll have to check once we get all his insurance paperwork :-/ thanks!

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