10 yr old Aspergers Boy...life is becoming a NIGHTMARE!

Valerie - posted on 08/30/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Vinnie is a high functioning child with Autism. He was diagnosed when he was 5 yrs old, he is now 10. He is the laziest, most self centered child or person I have ever met! He expects to be waited on hand & foot (even though I have never done that) he leaves dishes in his room...doesn't clean up after his pets, and throws dirty laundry wherever he wants in his room. As soon as he wakes in the morning, he starts playing video games. He verbally & physically abuses his 7 yr old Sister, and constantly blames her for all HIS wrong doings. He has never in his life been able to admit when he is wrong. Closest he's came to an apology is "OOHHHH" when he realizes he is wrong. He can't even bring himself to admit when he's wrong and say sorry. If he trips or bumps into something...he hits/beats the thing as if it was alive and the culprit!

His personal hygiene is a disgrace! His hands always smell foul,,,doesn't wash after going to the bathroom...feet/hands/face always dirty...has to be yelled at to bathe & wash his hair...and he never clips his nails...I have to do it for him (which he fights). He has no friends or companions, as he tells everyone what to do & treats them like puppets....."repeat after me" and personalized play that they have to act out perfectly like auditioning for a play. No kids want to play with him, they infact run from him at school and make fun of him behind his back. He try's to fit in & be "cool" by obsessing over his video games, and bringing plushies of them to school. He is a master manipulator, and has all the staff/Teacher's wrapped around his finger....even doing his work for him. Letting him use the "dragon program" (computer program that types what you say to it) to get out of using his OWN hands, despite being perfectly capable. He utilizes ESL kids things, even though he was born & raised here in Canada.

The School is constantly complaining about his behavior to me, and I'm at my wits end not knowing what to do! He stays up well after midnight watching bad television programs like family guy, american dad, and so on. If I try to get him to do anything he's suppose to do (bathing, bed time, homework, room cleaning) he becomes completely irate! Threatens to get knives and hurt us with them, he punches holes in the walls, kicks things, throws things, everyone becomes quite scared of his actions, especially his 7 yr old Sister he always pounds on. I have tried looking at reform School's boot camp, anything to set him straight, but there is nothing in our local community, and we are a low income family. Their Dad is not in their lives, so I have my hands full with them 24/7 when my bf's at work from 1pm-12:30 am Mon-Fri. I don't know what to do anymore! Pls help!!!!!!!!


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