10 yr old daughter and SEX

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My daughter is in 4th grade. In her grade, they were given laptops at the begging of the year to help with homework, class work, ect. On it, there is video chat were they can connect with study buddies via video. I recieved a call lastnight from my daughters assistant principal. She told me that there were rumors going around school that my daughter, a girl friend, and 2 other boys spread of another little girl wanting to have sex with the boys. The girls mother was furious, which I dont blame her. I was in complete shock. My little girl, whos soo pro-bullying could do something like this. But it didnt end there. There was an investigation on her, and the orther's, laptop. Apparently, my little girl has been talking about being a lesbian, wanting to fuck a boy with his big ass dick, and the pages go on. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH THIS?!?! Im a single mother, going through a divorce, from a pathological lier/cheater/abuser, and drowning in an ocean of hormones from my 10 yr old daughter. I have no one to turn to for advice. PLEASE HELP


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I agree with Shawnn, this is not normal 10 year old behaviour by any means. You need to get her into therapy and look for signs of sexual abuse. This is very concerning behaviour.

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God, I hate duplicate posts.

Your daughter needs to be examined for sexual abuse. This needs to go beyond a school investigation, because at the age of 10, such sexually explicit language and threatening indicates abuse.

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Wow. This goes way beyond just sitting her down and having a mother-daughter talk. She needs professional counseling. I would imagine there will be a suspension (if not a total expulsion) coming soon, so she should have plenty of time to meet with a therapist. You might consider talking to one yourself. Between your divorce and now this, I'm sure you could stand to let off some steam to a professional.
I know parents have probably been saying this forever, but kids really do grow up too fast. Why back in my day (80s) I never heard about anything sexual between classmates until 10th or 11th grade. Now I hear from friends that girls around 11 and 12 give oral sex to boys at the end of a date. What happened to hugs and kisses at the front door? Even THAT is too much for a 12 year old. And now kids 10 and under are dealing with gender identity... smh

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