10yr old with bipolar & ocd

Sherrie - posted on 01/10/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




been trying to figure out what was wrong for 7 yrs i knew something was wrong. by 1st grade school insisted adhd meds didn't work & made her throw up and sore throats. by 4th grade she was put in special ed which was horrible, desks smacked with papers, silent lunches, no recese etc. 5th grade they threw in some regular ed kids with special ed teacher as co teacher. i paid $1250 for qeeg by neuro psychologist he found bipolar, ocd and adhd. she has been on amitriptylene for a yr and the psychariast quit when i gave him qeeg results. next psychariast says he doesn't like to tell children they have bipolar and puts her on prozac and melontoin. she needs a mood stabilzer and i will be demanding one on our next appt. anybody else go thru this? anybody have good results with mood stabilzers? and did the abilty to learn get better once on the correct meds? i want her out of special ed entirely next yr in middle school but school is wanting to keep things the same.

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