11.5 week old can't/won't fall asleep in car

Meagan - posted on 01/10/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Just recently traveled 3 hrs. One way and had to pull off of freeway bc he was screaming bloody murder for 10 minutes. He is a breast fed baby. . So I feed him straPped him in the car seat abd off we went. . He did okay the first hr (his awake time) but as soon as he would normally be taking a nap at home he started whining and ended up screaming. I tried patting the car seat, singing to him, talking, had Pandora lullabies playing for him, stuck a Pacific in his month and nothing calmed him. After 15 minutes we got off the road i picked him up and he was just sweating from getting so worked up poor lil guy, I bOunced him to sleep right and tried putting him back in car seat asleep and He woke up screaming again. . So we let him take a 20 min cat nap and when it came to his 2 hrs feeding he b woke up, I feed him and put him back in car seat and sane thing happened okay dUring awake Time but wHen he started getting tired screaming again bc he couldn't fall asleep. I've never heard of a baby not being able to fall asleep in a car seat. AnYone else have this problem??? The in-laws live 3 hrs away so it's not like this trip can be avoided. He used to be able to fall asleep on this trip wHen he was 6 wks old, slept . Whole way. . Please help every any advice!


Michelle - posted on 01/10/2014




My 3rd child didn't like the car at all. Nothing we did would calm her down until we turned her around to front facing.
Some kids just don't like the car, you can't make them. Maybe you just need to plan regular stops and allow yourself an extra hour or so or get your inlaws to visit you.

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