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My family and I are going to be flying with our 20 month old on an eleven hour flight, and to be honest I'm terrified of the whole thing going there and coming back, any ideas to keep a 20 month old busy through the long long flight? I really need the help.


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When I was flying back and forth from NE to Hawaii where we were stationed, I kept my son busy with interactive toys like leap frog, Ztech ect. Also a portable DVD player and DVDs were a real hit, he thought it was cool to get to wear the head phones and watch ELMO on the plane!

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Hmm.. Well the flights to Hawaii (from SC) are 16+ hours, but the last time we moved back (we moved back to SC while my husband is deployed) my son was only 13 1/2 months old. Just bring something that your child loves to do.. Whether it be books, quiet toys.. Whatever, and be sure to bring some snacks just in case b/c the snacks on flights are so expensive and you really don't get much. My son slept most of the way to and from Hawaii each time (to HI, then from HI to SC and back to HI, then from HI to SC again). Maybe your child will fall asleep out of boredom. That happens a lot in young children, but still bring some quiet activities just in case :) Good luck!

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We fly 'home' twice a year (13 hour flight) with our kids and always try to book a night flight. Usually it works and they both sleep most of the flight. If that's no option, I'd suggest keeping plenty of snacks and toys (that make no sound, kinda annoy the other passengers) ready to keep them occupied. Also, it's a bit of an investment, but we've booked our kids a seat before they were 2 (but did not fit into one of those baby baskets anymore). That way, we had a bit more space for all the baby stuff you have to drag along. Also, we let our kids sleep on the floor. Most of the times, the crew was fine with that.

Good luck!!

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In the case of a plane flight, you need to do what will make it easier for your child and for you. Remember that no one (you or your child) will be able to function well if you are frazzled from a bad flight. Benadryl helps open ears so that the pressure change doesn't hurt as bad, AND it makes them sleepy.

I really am not one to jump to medication, however I have inside information that Benadryl is the sleep aide of choice in children's hospitals because it has the fewest side effects, and doesn't interact with other meds. It's safe (make sure to double check the dosage with your pediatrician) and well worth it to keep everyone in thier "happy place".

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I have been traveling with my son since he was 3 months old and right now we are flying again in a few days time. He is almost 5 months now and is already three flights old! :-) Apart from the usual tips of feeding during take off and landing, carrying a few favorite toys etc...try and make friends with the people sitting around you so that when he or she screams you are not overly embarassed! :-) mostly they sleep during the flight and since yours is a toddler now he might want to be out and about a little bit...indulge him/her a little and you will be fine. Good luck with your flight and your trip...have fun and dont be tensed, they can sense it! Cheers!


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I do overseas flights every year with my 4yr old, 2yr old, and disabled husband. I have traveled with a 2yr old and 6 months pregnant, overseas and alone. You will be fine! You most likely will have a seat just for your little one. If you can manage it, bring the car seat on the plane. Strap it in like it was in the car. They are comfortable, mostly, and can easily fall asleep. Make sure you bring extra clothes for everyone. Exploded diaper with no extra clothes is not fun. Been there, Done that. The diaper bag counts as his/her carry one, not yours. So pack a backpack for everything else that doesn't fit. Food, juice, water, diaper cream can all go in the diaper bag with no issues from security. The stroller can also get checked at the gate. I use that thing like a mule. Use a pacifier or sippy cup for take off and landing for the ear pressure. Pack a big ziplock baggie for Cheerios or whatever else you want. Resealable is a must. Pack board books and other easy packed toys. I also try to get a window seat and put down a blanket and let them play on the floor. Good luck and don't forget to breathe!

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As Renee mentioned...definitely no nap before the flight. Make sure to have a bottle/sippie cup ready for both the take off and landing of the flight(s). Try not to give the child too much to drink before take off or arrival, so they really drink. As for entertainment, and this may sound odd, but I threw in an oversized calculator in my carry on (for work) and that was a huge hit. Good luck!

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pack an activity bag. maybe keep them up until time for the flight so they will sleep during part of the flight or maybe if you are lucky most of it! definately take some snacks/drinks thats almost a necessity for everyone as you may get stuck on a plane waiting at anytime. I have never attempted a flight with a small child so best wishes. If I think of anything else to keep a 20 month old occupied I will post back!

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toys, snacks and don't worry about disciplining in flight. i also made the mistake of letting my 18 month old have a long nap before our flight. as a flight attendant, i wouldn't worry too much about annoying other people, take help when it's offered.

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