11 month old not responding to name and making little eye contact

Mary - posted on 07/29/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am a stay at home mom with a bright affectionate 3 year old boy and a beautiful 11 month old boy who is very active but has some delays in sitting (couldn't sit up independently until 9 months) and just starting crawling and pulling up to a stand in his 10th month. He can't point yet, just reaches out towards things he's interested in. No words either except "mum mum" for food or milk and "uh oh" when he drops something on the floor. He does babble, especially in the morning. He's very heavy set with a big head (95%?!) so I thought that was why he was physically delayed, but what is concerning me is that he doesn't seem to know his name. I thought he recognized his name earlier on from 6 months or so, and he even seemed to be much more social then. He seems to be "losing" eye contact and not caring to play with me or his brother, but rather do his own thing. We had him checked with Early Intervention and they said he did have a social emotional delay because he didn't respond to his name nor make much eye contact. He's also not affectionate either. I am scared out of my mind that he may have regressive autism or ADHD... Does anyone have a similar experience with their child like this but turned out normal later on?? Are these bad signs? Please, just real experiences... I have already spoken to his pediatrician and seen EI, just need some experiences to help shed more light... I've been trying so hard to bond and connect with him but it is frustrating b/c he seems to be in his own world... Help...

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