11 month old not taking much breastmilk/formula

Valerie - posted on 07/31/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm a working mom to an almost 11 month old. I breast feed ad pump so my daughter nurses when I'm home and takes expressed breastmilk and occasionally formula when I don't pump enough. She's really taken to solid foods, but become much less interested in her bottle. My mother-in-law watches her during the day and offers her a bottle several times a day.

She will usually take 1-3oz before her first nap. So my MIL offers again before lunch and she may take 1-2oz more then eats a ton of solid food. She offers another bottle before and after her second nap with a similar outcome. So she is taking a total of anywhere from 5-10oz of bm and formula combined.

My pediatrician said she should be taking at least 24kz a day. While my daughter nurses well in the morning, when I return from work and before bed (usually 1-2x at night) I doubt she's getting 24oz total.

2 questions I this:
Should we be offering her the bottle that often even if she's not taking much?
Should I be worried she's not taking that much?

Also my ped said not to introduce while milk until after her first birthday. Thanks for any advice!!

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