11 months old and still won't eat food.

Lori - posted on 03/30/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




i have tried everything and i have no idea wat to do. if anyone has went through this it really would help to try something else.


Elisa - posted on 03/30/2011




Don't give her too much milk, it'll take away her/his appetite, just with her/his naps or if he/she doesn't nap much 3 or 4 6oz bottles a day tops..make sure to feed them breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is very important. For example I feed my 11 month old daughter an egg just about every morning (just make sure you don't under or over cook it and cut of the edges if they are too crispy, they can choke on it) ...with yolk and mush it up, maybe another day some oatmeal. For lunch or/and dinner you can try something like chicken noodle in the baby jar, there's a few different choices. The one's my daughter doesn't like are the one's that have just the meat like turkey. My mom likes making soups all the time and she loves those, look up some recipes, especially mexican ones their delicious, easy to make, and full of veggies....just pick the healthier ones you'll be surprised how good they are! And don't forget to give your kids water, at least 6 oz a day! (sneak it in with the meals, It'll help wash down food but in a sippy cup not a bottle) Mush up all her foods with a fork it's easier to eat and if they're too dry add just a little water and mush again. Also snacks ONLY in between meals, yogurt bites, wagon wheels, fruit..watch her with fruit it can be tricky, small bites of avocado......(breaking or mushing up food might be the trick) Im sorry 1 more thing, lol! Sit her/him down in a high chair, walker, or something so he/she cant get away! Good luck


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Elizabeth - posted on 03/31/2011




When did you first introduce solids of any kind? Is she exclusively breastfed or formula? How many bottles a day is she having?
Is she having an issue with the texture?

Medic - posted on 03/30/2011




My 14 month old JUST started consistantly eating solids this week. Before then it was hit or miss on everything but apple sauce, bananas, and yogurt. She has just been on pediasure shakes since she turned a year and if she doesn't eat that day she gets one. On the days she does eat I just pour a little in with her milk at night so she still thinks she is getting it. Sorry I am not much help. We have spend the past 5 months just putting food on her tray full well knowing she was going to taste it throw it on the floor and then scream.

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