11 year old boy with ADHD and Anger Issues

Therese' - posted on 10/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My step son is 11 and has been diagnosed with adhd years ago.. he has now got to the point where he just doesn't care about anything.. and is always very angry.. They have put him in an emotionally disabled class where he is not with other children.. His mother is to the point where she is ready to pull him out of school... I would just like to try and get some advice to help her out


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Reese - posted on 11/21/2012




My son was in an ED school too. I have to pull him out of public school as his behavior was worsening. As soon as he was at the ED school, I had his medications altered by his psychiatrist to Vyvanse since he is ADHD and after 6 months in the ED school and a behavioral specialist at 2 times a week, my son's behavior is night and day. He has been back in his public school since October with no issues. We aren't 100 of the way there yet. He still tries to control and manipulate people which has been my number one struggle. Counseling helps but only if it's aggressive counseling to correct the behavior immediately. Hope this helps.

Michelle - posted on 10/27/2012




My first question is he on medication or not, kids who suffer from this illness usually have more than one issue, and going back and forth between mom and dad can be very hard on them. My son is in the same situation except I chose to medicate and this has allowed him to learn how to control his behavior and what is exceptable behavior. If he is not on medication than he needs to be in counseling or some kind of therapy to help teach him that it is ok that he is different and teach him how to behave in society. If he is on medication it is not working and he should be re evaluated.

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