11 Year old Son is wearing lipstick and scarves

Jamie - posted on 05/21/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 11 year old son, has started wearing lipstick and occasionally scarves. I don't allow him to wear the lipstick out of the house, and I make sure he always takes it off. As to the scarves, he asked me "Can I start wearing scarves mom?" I responded with "It need's to be cold outside." He usually walks away back to his room or his computer games, when I tell him this. He becomes rather discouraged.

I explained to him that even if he was a girl, I wouldn't allow him to wear lipstick. Yet, a ton of girls at his school wear makeup, so he doesn't completely understand. Also, to add onto that, he's not trying to be like the girls, he, I believe, just generally enjoys the lipstick on and likes wearing it.

To the scarf fact, he want's one of the light scarves girls wear (Just see through, bold colour)... Though I still respond to him with "It need's to be cold outside". Yet again he doesn't understand, if girls wear the same scarves at school, why can't he?

Also, he sits with only girls at lunch, is this bad? I know their not forcing/making him put the scarves/lipstick on. But should he sit with boys only. For, all the kids at his school only sit boy, boy, girl, girl.

Thanks in advance, please help. I'm not sure what to tell him...


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