11 years makeup is fine.

Maryam - posted on 05/17/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi im 11 years and I am not allowed to wear make up yet because my mum thinks it is not as good for your skin. So I am really unhappy about that, but I showed my mum all of these conversation on this website and she still said no but there was a conversation that made my mum say yes. So if you are 11 and over and you want your mum to say yes well DO THIS. Only wear light colours not bang on and make show you are just adding a small amount and check if you are doing it right.Then for the eyes ( just to let you know do not wear foundation until you are 15 years old) just wear light colours eg. brown white light pink, blue or green. Next for the eyes wear clear mascara to give a little touch to your eyes. Now this one is optional and that is eye liner now my mum does not like eye liner but she only lets me wear on a special occasion so yeah. Now that is it... oh another thing DO NOT let your child wear eye brow pencil because you can never trust a brand and it will give you spots in the eye brows. So that is it now comment down below if you thought this is useful and check out my other conversations. BYE. By Maryam Lamaer


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Ev - posted on 05/17/2014




Okay, you are 11 but you should a lot older in your post. First, no 11 year old needs makeup. Second, kids grow up too fast as it is and do not act their age but try to act older. Third, try doing something that is more productive than that.

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