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Wanda - posted on 12/12/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My twin and I both have 11 yr old boys. Mine is very quiet and shy. Hers is very strong willed and must be heard.
Lately they both seem to do the same thing. Here is an example: my son sits down next to me on the couch. He makes a sound on his iPod. I say could u please stop, I'm watching tv. Then he does it again. I get up and get myself some tea and that seems to work as it shows him my attention doesn't come with disrespect. He then says "mom can u come sit beside me, I won't do that anymore".. And I just walk over and sit down. My sisters son however, won't stop until his iPod is taken away and he is scolded and sent to his room.. I know we parent different, but all those moms out there with boys...is this an age thing? A phase? Because even though my son responds well to my actions, he will still come the next day and try again..


Sarah - posted on 12/12/2014




He is repeating a behavior that he knows you don't like and you are wondering why? I can think of a few reasons. Is he getting enough of your direct attention every single day? Do you sit and talk with him about his day and share meals with him? Kids need attention and will seek out negative attention just to get some. He is making a sound on his ipod, perhaps because he does not know how to ask for your attention? Instead of continuing to watch TV, turn it off and ask him if he needs to chat? If he says no, then tell him you'd like sit with him and watch TV together, or better yet, play cards or a game. You say he is shy and quiet, maybe this is his way of reaching out. Or, maybe is he just acting his age, 11 year olds don't really see the big picture or have well defined senses of empathy.

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