11month old only wants bottles

Katarina - posted on 03/11/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 11month old Son only wants to have his formula. He won't eat any babyfoods and only nit picks at table food. He snacks on solids but still fills up on his formula. He is drinking 8oz per feeding.

Is this a bad thing? Should I let him only drink his formula or really start pushing solid meals?


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I think it's normal for babies to be picky. I was picky and so is my son. When I was a little one my doctor told my mom that I would eat when I'm hungry. I use that same thing with my son. He is 18 months but I think it could work for you as well. You could try feeding him things you know he will eat (not junk food though) and if he doesn't want to eat it you could just wait a little while and try again before you give him his bottle. Another thing you could try is pouring his formula into a sippy cup rather than a bottle. I would really try to get him to eat solids since he's almost 1 and will need more nutrients and calories than what formula can offer. Another thing that could help is if he sees you eating what he's eating and you're making a really big deal about how good it tastes. I sat down one day with a bowl of broccoli to snack on and my son was asking for some. I thought to myself that he's not going to like it and he's going to spit it out but I gave him some anyway. He made a look that made me really think he was going to spit it out but he didn't, he chewed it up, swallowed it and asked for more. It was a nice change since all he would eat is peanut butter sandwiches, chicken nuggets, anything sweet and macaroni and cheese. Just keep trying, they say that it takes a few times of trying something before you know if you really like it or not. Good luck and I hope this helps! :)

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