12 hr drive with 9 month old-- how to be successful?

Suzy - posted on 07/26/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




We are going on a 12 hr drive (give or take!) with a 9 month old. Should we wake him in the middle of the night and hope he goes back to sleep or keep him up and than leave? He usually takes 2 naps a day and likes to be in bed by 7:30-8 sleeping until 6:30 next morning. I don't want it to be a nightmare!


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My daughter was the same way when I had to take a trip that long. Just make sure you have the diaper bag FULL of snacks, drinks and a wet pad under the butt!! make sure to take a rest at rest stops n let him run around when you can, it will make the ride ALOT easier! STOP to eat meals and Go IN the place your gettign food from, or in a picnic area so you can rest your legs and help Mr man happy.

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Neither of my 2 kids had issues with sleep after long drives. We went to visit my in laws 5 times a year since our son was 3 months old. He is now almost 3yrs old and we never had a problem, and our daughter just turned 1yr and she too has been fine. We just moved 3800km and did 10-14 hour days and our kids did very well. Don't stress too much. If you play around with his sleep before hand it might mess him up after you get there. Leave it be is my opinion and experience and he will fall in to place once you get to where you were going:)

Have a good trip!!

Oops i forgot...my in laws are 10 hours from where we used to live.


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Jamie - posted on 07/27/2010




I went on a 14hr. ride with my little girl when she was about 4 1/2 months. We left in the evening and drove straight through. She slept almost the ENTIRE way. She woke up when we stopped and I would change her diaper then give her a bottle and she would go right baack to sleep. she was wonderful! Good Luck!

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I took my daughter on an 8 hour trip, we tried to keep it as close to her usual schedule as we could (save us trying to retrain her when we got home). We got up early and put her in the truck (changed her bum and gave her a bottle). We planned our stops around snacks and took her out and gave her some time to stretch, etc...
I also sat in the back with her when she was awake to help her occupy the time and she did fine. It also helped me soothe her when she was fussy and figure out if she needed a new diaper, etc... The trip went very well for us!

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When we go on long car trips with our 9 month old son (longest was 6 hours) we set off just before nap time so he goes to sleep on the way (our son can sleep for 3 hours on a nap). We then stop for hour or so to feed him and play with him for a bit before continuing our journey - he sleeps for a little bit on the 2nd leg of our journeys. Although driving through the night like Amanda suggested sounds like a good idea for a 12 hour journey (no stopping for food) if you have that option - you could take it in turns to drive and nap. Good luck

Amanda - posted on 07/26/2010




Last time I took a 12 hour travel trip, we went at bed time, so that both the baby and older children slept most of the trip. We were lucky enough to have family at the end of our trip to watch the children while we had naps.

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