12 month baby moves all over in her crib while asleep ... kocks head !!!

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Bella has always moved around in her sleep - when she was smaller it wasnt really a problem ...

now she is taller - she sometimes get stuck sideways - it fully wakes her up and i have to go in and turn her upright ...

she finds it VERY hard to settle after this and its ruining my ability to gauge her rhythm of sleep needs ...

i put her in her crib the correct way up - 100% of the time I find her at the opposite end of the cot in the morning upside down to how i originally put her in ...

however, if she got stuck sideways on her journey in the night then on those days she usually screams and its usually early morning when its harder to settle back to sleep anyway ...

any tips?

oh and she sleeps in a growbag ... i thought if i took her out that bag maybe shed be able to sort herself out easier - but i also think if she didnt have the bag - god knows where she would end up at night!!!!



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Bonnie - posted on 02/21/2012




I agree about the crib bumbers. They will help in some way. About her getting stuck sideways, not really much you can do about that until she switches to a toddler bed.

Elfrieda - posted on 02/20/2012




I think this is why crib bumpers were invented. My son kept getting his foot stuck between the crib slats around her age, but he learned after a few times.

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