12 Month Old Baby Still Breastfeeding

Autumn - posted on 06/24/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello, I am the mother of a 12 month old child and I would like to breastfeed until about 18 months, any advice for weaning?

Any advice?


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Gail - posted on 07/02/2013




I breastfeed my son for 19 months. Just use Sippy cups for juice and other drinks and when you are ready, tell him that will be drinking him milk for a cup for now on but that you will still cuddle with him when he wants, just no breastfeeding.

Ev - posted on 06/24/2013




My grandchild has weaned herself and she is 14 months. Nothing satisfies her like a cup without a lid on it. Its really dependent on the baby when they might be ready to wean or interested in weaning. Take the que from the baby. See what feedings she is going for during the day and night and cut out the ones she is not taking as much. Offer a sippy cup more often as this is the age most doctors and caregivers suggest to start the cup. Give her water or milk or breast milk. She is also considered okay to start on regular milk as well at this age. Take it slowly. It takes time to wean and rounding it out to 18 months is good unless she weans herself before this.

Amy - posted on 06/24/2013




When you are ready to stop just start dropping one feeding at a time every 4-5 days. Start with the feeding that they are least interested in. You may find that you have to change routines and patterns with your little one.

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