12 Month Old Refuses to Eat...ANYTHING, especially solids

Pamela - posted on 08/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ladies, please help! Our son just turned one last month and has always struggled with eating. We've reached out to our pediatrician, friends, and family...unfortunately, their advice hasn't helped. We followed "all the rules (ex: baby books, pediatrician's advice)" in terms of when to introduce foods, but he has consistently refused them. He vehemently refuses anything that has chunks (including any stage 3 foods) or foods that will not dissolve in his mouth. Most recently he seems to refuse EVERYTHING! We began with cereal when advised to do so by our pediatrician; he refused it (with breastmilk, formula, pureed fruit, etc). We stuck with it as advised...but to no avail. We then turned to pureed foods; he often refused them (we limited his formula intake to make sure he wasn't too full). He finally showed interest in the squeezy packs with fruits, vegetables, etc. Then one day...he just stopped. He would only eat yogurt melts, puffs (which we of course do not like to give him due to the lack of nutritional value), yogurt and sometimes crackers. He "ate" apples for a while, but now he will not eat them either. By "eat," I mean he would suck on them and then spit out the chunks. He has always gagged on anything that is thick or chunky. We expressed concern for this at an early age with our pediatrician, but he was not concerned due to our son's height & weight. He still says he is not concerned because our child is in the 84th percentile for weight. We've tried the following: following a strict routine, but when this did not work for an extended period of time we changed up our approach; feeding in a high chair; feeding at his own table & chair; allowing him to self feed; toys while feeding; eating outside; changing foods; pureeing everything... he even refuses foods he used to love. He sees a spoon and immediately begins thrashing his head side to side... Most recently he will not drink his milk at school. Just the other day I finally reverted back to formula because it seems to be the only thing he will drink (we do give him water which he drinks on walks or when playing from a sippy cup). Our doctor may not be concerend, but I am! We are looking for another pediatrician, but in the meantime we would LOVE any advice. At this point we don't know if it is behavioral or physiological. The waiting until he is hungry approach has failed drastically...he is very strong willed. He'll refuse all day, but then obviously cry because he is hungry but then will not eat. OH, one more tidbit of info...(not sure if anyone has read this far - so sorry), we believe he is getting his molars BUT this began way before this. He already has 8 teeth (4 top front, 4 bottom front). We just want our little man to be happy & healthy. Please help!


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Since most children don't need much more than breast milk or formula for the first 12 months, it is not surprising that your ped isn't concerned. There isn't really a concern here.

Your child is not ready for chunky solids. If he's ingesting formula, and is in the 84th percentile, he's doing fine. Slowly introduce new flavors to him one at a time, with several days in between to make sure there are no allergies. Don't stress. A 12 month old should definitely not be eating large chunks. And children are VERY sensitive to texture. If they don't like chunky, don't feed chunky.

And, yes, teething will change everything.

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