12 Week baby boy does not sleep!!

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Hi I see that sleep is a problem for alot of baby's!! I have my 13 week son and he doesn't sleep longer than 30 min during the day, if I am lucky 2-3 sleeps a day and is waking during the night 3-4 times. Sometime's during the night I can not settle him back down and he end's up in bed with me and the hubby, he wake's screaming and waving his hand's about like he is stressed out. I am pulling out my hair as I am getting no sleep!!! and it is really concerning that my little boy is always tired any help would be great!!!!


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Do you wrap him? He may be waking himself up by the little jerky movements that babies make (smacking himself in the face etc.) If you don't wrap him, I would suggest giving it a try...he was nice and snug in your womb before that for 9 months, so it can also be a comfort thing for them. Both my girls were wrapped until at least 6 months, if not longer (until they could settle themselves, and until they outgrew the jerky movements).

Good luck!


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You sound so desperate. Lack of sleep promotes lack of sleep. Try putting your your baby down for a nap after two hours of waking up. Don´t wait until he is showing signs of being tired, because then he it too tired. Do this all day and he should take 3 naps. Regarding nights, you could put him to sleep in your room in a play yard. We did this and it was much better. We bought a Chicco play yard and the MamaDoo Kids mattress topper to make it more comfortable (as the mattress that comes with play yards is as hard as a rock). We bought a play yard because it is portable and we can travel with it. Also the topper as it folds in 3.
The idea of swaddling him is great too! Good luck!

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Try putting him down for a nap after 1-2 hours wake time in the day. If he's only sleeping 30 minutes for a nap, 2-3 naps don't seem enough for 3 months old.

If naps are hard to get, you may have to take him for a walk or carry him in an Ergo or a carrier like that.

What is his bed time?

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I agree wrapping them down helps alot!

If you are unsure what this means youtube has some clips "how to swaddle your baby". Also a sleep wedge or a rolled up blanket wedged on one or both sides of them helps them feel more snuggled and secure.

Wind was also a contributing problem for both my kids, often times patting on the back wasn’t enough so I used Gripe water or Infacol (I'm in NZ I don't know if you have these brands wherever you are but your supermarkets or pharmacies are bound to have something for wind) or giving baby a little stretch can help with wind too eg raising an arm/leg little bends and jiggles to help shift the air.

Temperature ok? My son (2yo) is a hot sleeper and has to have his bare feet out to help regulate his temp. My daughter (almost 3yo) on the otherhand whatever the weather snuggles right in and under blankets often even pulling blankets up over her head (which freaks me out!) but she slept better when she was wedged in.

My son (2yo) STILL wakes 1-6 times a night for a bottle!!! (Don’t judge me for that believe me I’ve tried a million things to get rid of it) From quite young he would only have one short nap a day and from about 1yo sometimes wouldn't even have a day nap UNLESS we went for a walk in the stroller or ride in the car but in the last 4 months at Kohanga (day care) he has been napping after lunch every day. The only way I get a full night sleep is to have someone else tend to him through the night. Until you can get him into a more parent friendly routine perhaps you and your husband could take night shift turns or get friends or family to watch him a few hours during the day every few days so that you can take a nap (somewhat difficult if you’re exclusively breastfeeding).

My son was also spilly (reflux) so had to sleep slightly elevated to be comfortable and not spill so much. You can get a wedge that goes under the cot mattress to help with this but I just used to put a pillow on the mattress but under the sheet so that he couldn’t get tangled up in it. And I found that if I used a breastfeeding or tri-pillow to do this he also got some of the snuggle factor and didn’t roll around so much.

Sorry I waffle and can’t seem to keep it quick and simple LOL … GOOD LUCK! Hope you get some sleep soon :)

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