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I am a FTM and am suffering due to my sons inability to sleep alone and sleep for long periods of time. Heres some history.... when he came home from the hospital he slept in a electric rocker and like most newborns slept in couple hours intervals through the night and same through the day. I has some difficulty with breast feeding so I ended up moving him to our bed. He is now 12 weeks and he is still napping and sleeping in my bed which is now in the nursery. During the day, he sleeps mostly in my arms and sometimes in a rocker for 15-45 mins. The good nap days is when we go out and he sleeps in his car seat. From about 8 wks up to about 3 days ago(now close to 12 wks), my baby got a bath and was put on a sleep routine where he drank his bottle at 8:30, was burped, cradled sitting down with pacifier and went right down for 4 to 5 hours for next feeding. In the past 3 days, he barely goes down for 2 hours and he fusses before and after where I have to walk and swing with him cradled for atleast 10 to 15 mins. I realize that this coddling is appropriate for a 12 wk old but the downside is that he is the size of a 6 month old weighing in at 15 lbs. I have carpal tunnel and all sort of back problems now due to all this rocking. Im losing my patience with him which is making me sad bc I realize he doesnt know any better but he has digressed from bad sleeper to good sleeper to bad sleeper again... now at 12 wks he needs to be held to sleep during day or he gets 15 to 30 min naps and at night he wakes up every 2 to 3 hours, fidgeting in between and needs to be rocked to sleep. Is this normal?? I really need help. I would appreciate any advice...


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Like Amy said, at 12 weeks they go through a growth spurt and will feed more often as well as waking more often.
Believe me it does get better, I wouldn't have had 3 if it didn't.

Amy - posted on 01/22/2014




Yes it's normal it couldl be he's having a growth spurt and requires extra feedings at night. Where is the father can't you alternate night feedings so you can get some rest?

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