12 weeks, HG morning sickness, and I'm breaking down

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its day three if no food, no water, no sleep. Im breaking down today, i cant stop crying, nobody understands how bad this is. I was smoking weed to help, because NOTHING works, doctors gave me everything they can and nothing helped. even the ER visits dont work anymore. I feel dead all day long, i throw up 5-7 times an hour. all fucking day, but i have to go back to work in two weeks, so i want to be sober and see if it went away, its still full force. I am at my wits end, i am having a break down today. i want this to be over .


Ev - posted on 11/25/2015




If you have been to the ER and not eating or drinking for days then they should have put you into the hospital and started you on IV's with fluids to help you stay hydrated. At this rate you are getting dehydrated and with no food you are loosing a lot there too. Its either time to change doctors or go the hospital and tell them that you have been 3 days or more without food and fluids.

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Jessica - posted on 02/03/2017




Eat crackers and drink No to morning sickness tea
keep them next to your bed
try to eat something even if it's broth.

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