12 year old daughters birthday party

Janine - posted on 01/11/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is turning 13 on March 24th, and she has already planned on what she wants to do but I'm not so sure about it. My daughter, Lexi, wants to have an "Under the Stars" Party. Its when you get a few people, play music, get a fire, and light sparklers while running around. she wants to have it in this meadow by our pond in the Township but I need to ask the board if we can set it up there. It would be FREE other than the materials. And its a big meadow so she can invite all the people she wants. Lexi also wants to have Tiki torches around the area we will be in, with a fire, cookies shaped like hearts, chairs, cook hot dogs and hamburgers, and small fireworks.There is I'm not sure if this is appropriate for her, mostly because her birthday is in March and that it could be cold out.. any suggestions on what I could do? I am so worried about this, its not because of the money, but because she wants to have a Boy Girl Party for the first time and I'm worried because has never had her first kiss yet and she wants to invite her "crush". Truly I think her party would be romantic if they walk away from the fire into the "dark". It could happen there and I don't want my baby girl to grow up. Plus she doesn't even know HOW TO. Knowing there Generation, he will do more than just a PPAH and that's it. And I don't want her to embarrass her self.She has been liking this boy for 2 years now, but she is too shy to ask him out. She has told me she never wants him to come to our house because we live in a townhouse and its just her and I. Meanwhile he has $ so he has a huge house, with a pool, a dog, and tons of things. I feel so bad because this is all I am provide for her. Lexi has been wanting to grow up so much lately. If anybody has tips on the kissing thing please let me know. Or if anybody else has any other party ideas related to the Under the Stars.


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I guess i'm kinda confused on what you need advise about. On weather or not you should let her have the party or have her crush there? You're worried bc she would embarrass herself bc she's never had her first kiss and doesn't know how??? I am very confused and a bit troubled by this. I hope there will be plenty of adult supervision at this party if you decide to let her have the party.

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