12 year old lying and stealing

Tia - posted on 02/03/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 12 year old step son just recently moved from a huge city in California to a very small town in Montana where his father and my self live with his other siblings. I know that the kids here are alot different from what he is used to and the surroundings area is as well we have tried are hardest to make him feel apart of are family and have tried to encourage him to make him self apart of are very small community as well but recently he has been acting out he has stolen from us lied to us we know that this is a huge change for him but the reason he was sent to us was because he had the same behavioral issues in California and his mother is a single mom who works a lot of hours and was at her breaking point we love every second he is here because we dont have this opportunity as often as most families.... with that being said what should we do he stole 20 dollars out of my wallet although he returned it once he was caught and he did show some remorse but it was more because of the fact that he got caught then it was for being sorry for what he did we are at a loss and don't know what the next course of action should be he is in counseling because of the huge changes in his life but it feels like no matter what we do nothing works any suggestions would be appreciated i should note he is grounded to his room with literally nothing to do i removed all of his toys but left his books so that he could read witch is one thing he hates to do but i figure if he gets board enough he will and its a win win for us at least like i said any suggestions would be great

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