12 year old lying problem

Jordan - posted on 11/02/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ok so yesterday I posted that my 12 yr old has been lying to her teacher about the family dog that doesn't exist. Well today her problem got worse.
So today at breakfast she said this:
Her: Mom, can I ask you somethinging? Did you ever get bullied?
Me: Yea, why do you ask? Are you getting bullied at school?
Her: Yep, this girl called Ashley and her friend Leonine are bullying me.
Me: Oh no! Sweetie, what are they bullying you about?
Her: They called me a ni***.
Her: No, I wanted to tell you first.
Me: Look sweetheart, they are disrespecting our culture and being really racist! Look hon, if this continues, I will be speaking to your teacher. That sort of behaviour is not on.
So this afternoon she got off the bus, walked into the kitchen and said:
Her: Mom! They are bullying me even more!
Me: Oh really? What did they say?
Her: Well they said that I am a stupid cow and that my voice sounds like a seal choking.
Me: =0 Well, do you know what?
Her: What...
Me: I'm going to ring your teacher right now and tell her.
Her: Umm... Please don't do that.
Me: Well if someone is treating you like that I will.
So I rang and her teacher said no, today on the playground SHE was bullying THEM.
So I guess, she's been lying again and if she lied about something so serious like being bullied, I don't think I can trust my own daughter.
Please help with this BIIIG issue and thanks,
Jordan =)

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