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we have recently moved in with my partner, now my daughters step dad. She can be trying at times the usual answering back, not sticking to chores, huffing and puffing, moody, which she is pulled up about often. I can understand that this is normal for her age,not acceptable, but unforturtunately he cannot and flys of the handle everytime she puts a foot out of line. I am at breaking point with him, not the 12 yr old, any one had the same problem ? Any advise would be appriciated. Thanks


Jodi - posted on 01/01/2013




OK, I actually agree with your boyfriend, that this isn't acceptable behaviour. It may be normal behaviour, but that doesn't make it acceptable. So I DO think you need to sit down and discuss her behaviour with her, and let her know it's not on. And yes, you may have to have this discussion with her more than once. If my 15 year old huffs and puffs about chores, or answers me back in a moody way, I pull him straight back into line.

Having said that, however, flying off the handle at her is NOT going to help matters at all, and I think you need to discuss with your boyfriend that YOU will handle the discipline of her behaviour. He is new in the picture. VERY new by the sounds of it. It isn't his place to manage her behaviour. Chances are, she hasn't developed the respect for him as a parent yet, and that is totally understandable, and his behaviour here is NOT going to help with that relationship. He needs to stay out of it.

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